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1 Day “STAY ALIVE” Survival Course – Essential Skills For Outdoor Survival !

Central Coast   $195

“An absolutely fantastic experience far better than what we were expecting! The ASI Instructors are very knowledgeable and professional with a strong emphasis on safety as well as being attentive and patient. A lot of content was covered and the hands on experiences gave us confidence that we can now really use what we learned. We’d absolutely recommend this course to family and friends. Well done and thanks!”

Andrew J & Meghan G. Dec 2014

Our one day “Stay Alive” modern survival skills  course is a dynamic combination of both traditional and modern survival, bushcraft and safety skills. Learn what to do if you get lost in the outdoors, what important survival gear you should carry, how to create emergency shelters from both natural and manmade materials, light a fire without matches, find & filter water, navigate with a map and a compass as well as by the sun and stars, use effective signalling techniques for rescue and much, much more! The course content includes:- Emergency Shelter Construction, Survival Fire-lighting Skills, Food and Water Procurement, Emergency Signalling & Survival Navigation, Emergency First Aid and Survival Equipment Selection. Basic Bushcraft Skills and Survival Gear, Tools and Equipment. Australian Survival Instructors one day “Stay Alive” courses are held  on over 3,000 private acres of pristine Aussie bush & rainforest in a remote valley with clear running water & tidal fishing creek, on the Central Coast of NSW.

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2 Day ‘Stay Alive’ EXTENDED  – Central Coast - $445

Our two day ‘extended” wilderness survival course is a dynamic combination of both traditional and modern survival, bushcraft and safety skills.  Learn what to do if you get lost in the outdoors, what important survival gear you should carry, make your own primitive shelter, light a fire without matches, find water and treat using primitive methods, navigate by the stars and sun and also with a map and a compass, use effective signalling techniques for rescue and much, much more! Held on over 3,000 acres of private Rainforests, Sandstone cliffs, Marshland and Tidal Fishing Creek

The course content includes:-

Emergency Shelter Construction, Survival Fire-lighting Skills both Primitive & Modern, Food and Water Procurement & Treatment and Primitive Cooking methods, Emergency Signalling & Survival Navigation, Celestial Navigation, Traditional Archery, Emergency First Aid and Survival Equipment Selection, Basic Bushcraft Skills Knifework and Axework, Survival Gear & Bug Out Bag gear selection & demonstration, Tools and Equipment and much, much more.

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1 Day Fungi Foraging Course 

How to safely Forage, ID & cook edible mushrooms

West of the Blue Mountains  $215

“Hi Guys, just wanted to thank you again for the best, most vital learning experience of my life! See you again, soon as I can get there. Best regards and appreciation”. P.

This one day foraging course is aimed at those who are totally new to fungi foraging and identification. This course not only shows you how to safely ID 3 edible species of edible mushroom as well as some poisonous varieties, but you will also learn various cooking recipes, and also have a lunch of the mushrooms you pick, in the tranquil pine forest. You will also learn about the uses of other native and non native fungi. We meet at Katoomba and drive for approx 1 hour to our destination.


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4 Day “PROSPER” Survival Course - A Comprehensive real-world Survival experience!  $895

“The knowledge and experience of the ASI team is limitless. The course is presented in a friendly & professional manner which challenges participants to rely on themselves while learning the fundamental skills of Survival. I have gained invaluable knowledge & skills on this course that supersedes any expectations I had, prior to taking part. 100% Awesome, and thanks for sharing fellahs!”

 Hugh M.. May 2017

Australian Survival Instructors four day “Comprehensive” courses are held  on over 800 private acres of pristine Aussie bush in a remote valley with clear running freshwater and also tidal cheeks on the Central Coast of NSW. From the outset practical skills are in use with a “hands on” approach being promoted. Skills used for the four days in a real environment include, but are certainly not limited to: Protection & Shelter – Emergency Shelter Construction, Types of Shelters, Keeping Warm and Dry, Shelter Location, Improvised Shelter Materials. Survival First Aid: Priorities For Life, Treating Common Survival Illnesses & Conditions, Bush Remedies & Improvised Treatment, Hypothermia “The Silent Killer”, Survival First Aid Equipment. Location & Signalling – Improvised Signalling Methods & Equipment, Signalling Aircraft, International Signal Code, Signal fires, Using Marker Panels, Flares and Mirrors. Water Procurement – Solar Stills, Transpiration Method, Dew Collection, Wells, Natural Water Sources, Emergency Water Sterilising, Water From Plant Sources, Improvised Water Storage & Carrying Methods. Food Procurement – Survival Hunting & Trapping, Use of Snares & Traps, Survival Fishing, Basic Tracking Skills, Edible Plant Life, Emergency Food Preparation and Improvised Cooking Methods, wild game butchering, skinning and tanning, smoking & preserving game and more. Emergency Fire-lighting – Improvised Fire-lighting Methods, Use of Flint & Steel, Magnesium Fire-starter, Fire Bow and Drill, Hand Drill, Fire Saw, Natural Tinders, Types of fires. Navigation – Use of map & compass, compass types, magnetic declination, Grid references, Latitude and longitude, GPS, wilderness navigation, improvised navigation aids, pace counting, sun compasses,navigating by sun and stars, navigation using natural features. Primitive skills and weapons making – Flint knapping – Pressure flaking – Spears – Axes – Bow and Arrow, make your own stone broadheads & more. Primitive pottery and clay making and clay treatment. – Think Like a Survivor – Survival awareness – Maintaining a positive mental attitude. 


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3 Day Primitive & Traditional Skills Course   $685

Australian Survival Instructors are proud to offer our , 3 day Survival Skills course focusing on primitive living and primitive survival skills including an in depth flint knapping and primitive pottery course, and other various primitive weapons, with all materials provided. Australian Survival Instructor’s Kevin Newton, Zach Nast, Daniel Sainty, Mick Stokes or Mitch Atkinson will lead you on a journey, learning amongst many other skills, how to make stone age weapons including knapped points and knives, spear and arrow shafts, primitive ‘Anasazi’ styled cooking pottery, primitive traps, prepare and cook live game, build primitive shelters, cook primitively, and also learn traditional Aboriginal celestial navigation skills. This 3 day course is the only course of it’s kind in Australia. You will learn how to produce primitive pottery with Master primitive potter, Daniel Sainty, who studied the Anasazi method, in the deserts of Arizona, under the mentorship of John Olsen & Kelly Magleby. Kevin Newton will also demonstrate how to make original Gweagal boned tipped and resin and cordage hafted tribal spears, such as the ones Captain Cook and Joseph Banks acquired, in 1770. Other activities also include fire by friction, your own ‘glue’ from nature, build primitive shelters, cook primitively using pottery and natural materials, Bowshoot primitively, primitive fishing & cordage and basket weaving, game preperation, bush food foraging, bark, brain and protein tanning, fungi ID, primitive traps and primitive weapons, primitive celestial navigation, and much more.  This exciting new course, the only one of its kind anywhere in Australia, is held on over 3000 private acres of pristine Aussie bush in a remote 3 sided valley with clear running water and a tidal creek with Rainforests and Aboriginal Caves, on the Central Coast of NSW. Book now, or. Contact ASI for details.

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“The primitive survival course was a crazy experience.. The volume of skills and knowledge that was shared was huge for a 3 day course.. Loved it!!”

Mitch Atkinson Sept 2016

“Kev is a real artist. You should see some of the dagger sized work he has done. You can feel they are the real deal when picking up one. 
I would recommend a course with A.S.I for many other reasons as well, but the flint knapping alone was worth it in my mind.”

Bjorn Jacobsen March 2017

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1 Day “Wilderness” Navigation Course  $245

Navigation is the skill of keeping track of where you are and where you want to go as well as the best way to complete that task. The most essential skills required by any outdoor traveller be they Climber, Bushwalker, Day Tripper, Family or Skier is to know how to navigate celestially in a survival situation or with a map and compass as well as more modern equipment such as GPS. GPS require batteries, maps and compasses do not require batteries! Simply owning a GPS, map and compass is not a guarantee that you can safely find your way through the bush. Celestial navigation is as old as humankind. Learn celestial navigation only with ASI. GPS, Maps and compasses are not good luck charms but precision instruments, which require skill and good training to be effective. Australian Survival Instructor’s are the leading experts in the field of navigation who will lead you through the most comprehensive day of instructional and practical exercises in navigation so that you go away confident in your new found navigational skills. Participants will get the opportunity to put all their newly learned skills to use. The subjects covered in this course include: • Maps Types, Use in the Field, Features, Contours, Grid References. • Compass Features, Types, General Usage, Field Bearings, Map Bearings, Resections, Marching on a Compass Bearing. • Magnetic declination, Latitude and longitude, altimeters. • Route Planning, Route Selection, Route Cards, Time and Distance Estimation. • Emergency Navigation Techniques using the Sun and the Stars, GPS Features, Operating Functions, Use and Limitations. Our wilderness navigation course is run in over 3,000 acres of pristine Rainforest and Sandstone escarpment, including tidal fishing river,on the Central Coast of NSW.

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“One one One” Private Flint Knapping or Primitive Pottery – $345

Australian Survival Instructor’s Kevin Newton, will  give you ‘one on one’ personal tuition on this 1 day course, in either flint knapping or primitive pottery on any day thats suits you, including mid week. Held on over 3,000 acres of Rainforest, Sandstone bluffs, mangroves, caves and Tidal creek, on the N.S W Central Coast, 1 hr drive from Sydney CBD.  Email   –  for more information.


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