Australian Survival Instructors

Just 1 hour drive Nth of Sydney CBD, on the New South Wales Central Coast, Australian Survival Instructors operate Survival, Bushcraft, Primitive Survival Technology Skills, Bow Making, Blacksmithing, Traditional Tanning and Foraging courses. A.S.I is the most comprehensive Education facility of it’s kind in Australia. A.S.I employs a variety of qualified Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival Instructors. When you or your group book a course with A.S.I, you will not only be privileged to enjoy premium teaching standards (Kev Newton has taught Australian Special Forces), Qualified male & female Instructors (inc Ex ADF & current ABA members),  but you will also be surrounded by 3,000 acres of Rainforests, Tidal Rivers, Caves, Marshland, Sandstone Escarpments and Dry Sclerophyl Eucalypt Forests.

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“I completed the 4-day “Comprehensive” Survival Course offered by ASI in April 2021. Although it was the first dedicated Survival Course I’ve done, I can’t imagine a better one. Not only do you learn an incredible amount about Survival, you also experience it as part of the course design, which is a unique and effective way to learn. All of the Instructors are knowledgeable and experts in their particular fields, passionate about what they are teaching and genuine about wanting their students to learn and enjoy themselves. I just loved the course: it was an amazing experience, one that I hope to repeat again in October when I return! Thank you ASI – Sarsha”

“A huge and humbling thank you to Kev, Maddie, Mick, Zach, Tom and Jo for an amazing 4-day adventure in outdoor skills, experience, and knowledge. I recently attended the 4 day comprehensive course and it exceeded my expectations. The highlight of the course for me was a hands-on brain tanning experience with rabbit hides led by Marvelous Maddie . I gained so much from being able to get hands-on with everything from knife sharpening, flint knapping, map and compass navigation to clay pottery. I thought the course was going to be good but walking away 4 days later with new friends, new confidence and a better ability to adapt to circumstances has renewed and reaffirmed my love of outdoor skills. This course is simply invaluable. The level of care, patience, attention to detail, and professionalism demonstrated by the instructors reveals their true passion and willingness to share in their craft. Thanks again for an amazing experience. I’ll definitely be back for more.”  Daniel Devier October 2019 4 Day Comprehensive Survival course











“ASI is awesome. I had a fantastic time learning from Kev and Mick. The whole experience was excellent!” – Dean Rorris, February 2019

“Simply put – these guys are awesome! I did the 1 day survival skills course with Kevin & Mick, and was blown away by their knowledge, skills and respect for nature. (And they teach with such genuine passion & enthusiasm that’s it’s impossible not to have a great time!)
I was also really impressed by the total absence of “macho” energy that can accompany some survival training. ASI create a genuine teaching environment with zero gender bias – as a woman I felt 100% comfortable & can’t wait to do the longer courses with them. Thanks for an amazing day! See u soon!”  Nellie Savage, December 2018

“I went on the 4-day survival course in preparation for my expedition to paddle the length of the Nile. It was brilliant and I learnt so much that will be invaluable for my trip. The instructors are fantastic with an incredible wealth of knowledge and are so passionate about what they teach. I was amazed at how much we covered and it was a lot of fun as well as being educational. Not only does this give me more confidence as I head into my expedition, it will be so useful for any camping trips I do. Highly recommend!”  Sarah Davis – “Paddle The Nile”,  April 2018

Up Coming Courses



Sat 20th November
1 Day “Stay Alive” survival skills course

Fri 3rd Dec
4 Day Comprehensive Survival Skills course

Sat 18th December
1 Day “Stay Alive” survival skills course

Sat 8th January
2 Day Longbow making course

Sat 15th January
1 Day “Stay Alive” survival skills course

Sat 19th February
1 Day “Stay Alive” survival skills course

Sat 19th March
1 Day “Stay Alive” survival skills course

Fri 15th April
4 Day Comprehensive Survival Skills course

Sat 30th April
1 Day “Stay Alive” survival skills course

Sat 28th May
1 Day “Stay Alive” survival skills course

Sat 11th June
3 Day Primitive Survival skills course