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Cost per person :

$195 for 1 Day Stay Alive Course

$445 for 2 Day Stay Alive ‘Extended” Course

$895 for 4 Day Comprehensive Survival & Primitive Skills Course

$465 for 2 Day Traditional Tanning course

$545 for 2 Day Longbow and Selfbow making Course 

$895 for 4 Day Comprehensive Survival & Primitive Skills Course

$685 for 3 Day Primitive Technology & Survival Skills Course

$2295 for 10 Day Malaysian Jungle Survival and Tribal Living Skills course

$395 for 1 Day, One on One, Private Tuition Flint Knapping & Primitive Pottery Courses

For all course dates and detailed course description, simply click on the “book” button to the right of the courses window below. This will open a booking calendar of course dates.   Step 1. Choose a course from the list below and click “book”.   Step 2. Choose a date you like, then  click “book”.   Step 3. Choose the amount of people attending and click “book”.   Step 4. Fill in required information and choose “confirm booking”.   An automated email will be sent to you.


PLEASE NOTE all cancellations incur a 20% booking fee charge.

Cancellation less than 48 hours before any course is a full forfeit. The ASI team are on site, out of email & mobile reception 1 day before all courses start.

Australian Survival Instructors ABN# 75 137 943 351