Justin Donohoe – Just completed the 4 day survival course, absolutely amazing experience. Instructors have amazing knowledge and teach in a way that is easy to follow, they take time to make sure you understand and provide real world experience. Will definitely be back. Highly recommend to everyone from beginners to people looking to improve their skillset.

Charlie McDermott  – I have attended two courses now with A.S.I , soon to be three. I would highly recommend them to anyone who gets outdoors, wants to learn tradition skills or who want to gain the confidence in themselves that they will know what to do in a worst case scenario. I have been very deep in the bushcraft community for several years now and in my opinion Kevin is the very best when it comes both to primative skills and plant knowledge and for years have found myself asking him for advice. A.S.I has a great team of very knowledgeable teachers many specialise in their own areas, able to give great tips and insights on a particular subject or bushcraft as whole. Theses courses are always great to talk to and learn from the A.S.I instructors and meet like minded people interested in learning the same ancient but timeless skills. Again I can’t recommend these courses enough, you won’t regret booking it.

Daniel Devier – A huge and humbling thank you to Kev, Maddie, Mick, Zach, Tom and Jo for an amazing 4-day adventure in outdoor skills, experience, and knowledge. I recently attended the 4 day comprehensive course and it exceeded my expectations. The highlight of the course for me was a hands-on brain tanning experience with rabbit hides led by Marvelous Maddie . I gained so much from being able to get hands-on with everything from knife sharpening, flint knapping, map and compass navigation to clay pottery. I thought the course was going to be good but walking away 4 days later with new friends, new confidence and a better ability to adapt to circumstances has renewed and reaffirmed my love of outdoor skills. This course is simply invaluable. The level of care, patience, attention to detail, and professionalism demonstrated by the instructors reveals their true passion and willingness to share in their craft. Thanks again for an amazing experience. I’ll definitely be back for more.

Stephen Lee Burman – Just completed a physically and mentally challenging 4 day course. Great exposure to a wide variety of survival priorities, mindsets and skills. Would love to come back for the pottery, trapping or another specialised course soon. Thanks Kevin, Mick, Tom, Zac, Maddie and Jo for running a terrific and jam packed 4 days in a beautiful location. Loved our little camp crew who really helped each other out in so many ways, and the broader group who made it really fun. Cheers everyone.

Janet Kay – I just completed the 4 day comprehensive survival course. It was an experience I will never forget. I’m more than impressed by the many practical survival skills & mindsets that I learnt from the knowledgeable, interesting & patient instructors.

Jason Reeve – I highly recommend this course & look forward to attending some of the other courses ASI has to offer in the near future. A big thanks to Kev, Jo, Maddie, Mick, Tom & Zac. You guys rock.

Peter Watson – Did 4 day course, absolutely awesome, informative and challenging, couldn’t recommend it highly enough, 10 out of 10 ROM me. Instructors were interesting, knowledgeable and very approachable and patient, brilliant. Thanks, Kev, Mic, Zac and Maddy.

Ken Brown “Thanks for the great weekend. Great trainers, great company and a great deal of work with the draw knife. Fantastic fun and I learned so much. I’ll have to save my pennies for some of your other courses”. March 2019

Louis Christie “Thanks to you all, particularly to our instructors – it was another fantastic weekend, and again we had a great group of people around the campfire. Now I’ve just got to save up my pennies for the blacksmithing, and the hide tanning…… and the mystery carver has me inspired to try my hand at spoons. It’s always good to have goals!! cheers”. March 2019

Jeff Umbaugh “I had a great time this weekend. I’ve done woodworking at home but only with power tools. I really enjoyed doing it all by hand. If you like woodworking and enjoy the outdoors this course is for you. Thanks Kevin Zack and Mick for all your advice and patience” . March 2019

“Simply put – these guys are awesome! I did the 1 day survival skills course with Kevin & Mick, and was blown away by their knowledge, skills and respect for nature. (And they teach with such genuine passion & enthusiasm that’s it’s impossible not to have a great time!)
I was also really impressed by the total absence of “macho” energy that can accompany some survival training. A.S.I create a genuine teaching environment with zero gender bias – as a woman I felt 100% comfortable & can’t wait to do the longer courses with them. Thanks for an amazing day! See u soon!”  Nellie Savage, December 2018

“Thanks to A.S.I Australian Survival Instructors for an amazing weekend. You are an awesome bunch of people who really know their stuff. Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge. I feel this course was life changing”  Dan Barrett, October 2018

“Haha what a shooter… that bow is! I’m so stoked with it. I’ll be adding the finishing touches this week I’ll post it up for you. Thanks again legend”  Jason Siebert, September 2018 Bowmaking course

.”I just got back from the four day comprehensive survival course. I had the most amazing expirence and learnt skills i have always been interested in. The instructors were patient and took their time to answer all my questions and happy to delve deeper into topics i was personally interested in. All the instructors were so incredibly knowledgeable and talented. I highly recommend ASI. Thank you for an awesome weekend.” Maddie McHugh, April 2018

“Just finished a 1 day survival course with Kevin, and have to say I was impressed. I already thought I knew some of the basics, but the breadth and depth of knowledge of this man was amazing. So many of the common ‘everyone knows’ survival tips about things like navigation, fire and water have never quite worked for me before, and now I know why. Kevin was able to explain the true basis behind things, and what extra bits of knowledge are needed to make them actually work in the real world. I knew enough to be dangerous, but now I know enough to truly survive. I can’t wait for the 4 day course to really ramp up my skill set, learning from some genuine experts. Thanks Kevin for a great day.”  Steven, April 2018

“2 day Stay Alive: Went with Mr for his birthday and had expected to be pretty miserable tbh, but I had an EXCELLENT time! The guys were really knowledgeable and professional; no hyper-macho bullshit, just great information really well presented, with tools and examples to bring each skill to life before we did it for ourselves. As the only female in a group of almost 20 guys I had worried about being ‘othered’ but was not *at all*. I learnt heaps and am excited to practice (in a safe environment) soon, will deffo be back for one of the other awesome courses too . Thanks to all at ASI ” Kirsty Dawn, April 2018

“I went on the 4-day survival course in preparation for my expedition to paddle the length of the Nile. It was brilliant and I learnt so much that will be invaluable for my trip. The instructors are fantastic with an incredible wealth of knowledge and are so passionate about what they teach. I was amazed at how much we covered and it was a lot of fun as well as being educational. Not only does this give me more confidence as I head into my expedition, it will be so useful for any camping trips I do. Highly recommend!”  Sarah Davis – Paddle The Nile, , April 2018

“I just finished the 2 day survival course with my 10 year old son Teddy. we both had a great time and if it were up to him we would have stayed the rest of the week lol. the instructors were great. They were very informative and patient with us. Ive been camping and hunting more times than i can count and i still picked up so much useful information. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors should definitely do this. Thanks Kevin, Mitch, Zac and Jo you guys were great. BTW the first thing Teddy asked to do when we got home was to purchase the Mora Eldris with his birthday money. Its fairly certain you’ll see him again.”   Jeff Umbaugh, April 2018

“Just came off the 1 day “Stay Alive” Course and it’d be wrong not to give this a 5/5! Kevin is a sage of the bush and great teacher. He passed on a breadth of information to us and held our interest for the whole day. The activities were hands on and we came away with new tricks and skills (starting fire from scratch – with a fungi igniter – was a highlight!) If you want to return to the elements, retreat from modernity for a day and spark the inner caveman/woman, this will do it. Loved it! Already thinking about the next one…”  Nick Fuentes, March 2018

“A big thanks to Kev Zac & Mick. Top bunch of blokes and they really know their stuff. Picked up a lot of good info and tips on bow making and stringing.
Everyone else on the course were a great bunch too. I can highly recommend ASI. Havn’t stopped talking about the weekend yet lol I had a ball . 2 thumbs up Kev.
A big thanks to Kev, Zac and Mick from ASI for running the bow course”  Andrew Phipps , 2 Day Bowmaking Course, Dec 2017

“As per usual, the course was packed with so much useful information. The guys are patient and helpful with all the questions I or anyone else had.
Higly recommend doing any of the courses ASI offer, this was my third course and certainly wont be my last.”  Thanks heaps guys!   Chris Pond , 2 Day Bowmaking Course, Dec 2017

“Just came back from a 2 day extended course and honestly it was the best 2 days of my life! We had two amazing instructors Kevin and Mick, who would take the time to help you completely understand everything. We learnt how to build and sustain fire from natural bush resources, filter/purify water and navigate through the bush with a compass and map so you’ll never get lost ever again. The skills that are taught are more useful than what you learned in traditional school. And for that I rate this 5 stars. Thanks again to Kevin and Mick for this incredible experience.”  Michael Cano, December 2017

“I enjoyed learning how serious water is, in a survival situation. I also really enjoyed learning primitive fire making skills. On a whole, I learned a lot” Brent Pakalniskis, September 2017

“The best thing I’ve ever done”  Chris O’Keefe  September 2017

“I learnt a lot of new skills and gained important survival knowledge. The Instructors were very patient & totally committed to ensuring that each one of us understood and could put into practise the skills they were demonstrating. The teaching methods were excellent. I learnt more from a 3 hour session on Navigation in this course, than what I learnt from a 2 day Wilderness Navigation course provided by a different company.”  Michelle D V.,  September 2017

“Seriously. I would give them a 4.9 out of five.. I never give 5 out of 5 because there is always room for improvement. That being said. This is the best ever 4 day learning experience I have ever done. All of the instructors were so amazing and knowledgeable, and I feel like a new man coming home from the experience. The skills and knowledge that I picked up now have me ready to challenge myself more. If you want to know that you can go into the bush and survive if something bad happens then you NEED to take this course! If you don’t think about this, you will become the next newspaper headline! ”  Hamish,  September 2017

“We did a 2 day survival course as a family (2 adults and 2 kids – 10 and 12) and it was one of the most memorable weekends. We are not new to camping, but we have learned so much! Kids loved it and now are begging us to go camping again soon. They learned how to carve spoons and forks, how to build a shelter, how to make a fire and how use the starts to navigate. The instructors were fun and funny and caring. And they know how to cook! I look forward to doing another course soon. Thanks Kev, Ian, Mitch and Mick for turning this weekend into an unforgettable adventure!”  Lena T, May 2017

“No words to convey my gratitude! This weekend was everything I hoped it would be and so very very much more. I’ll be picking your brains until the day I leave on my expedition! No one has the survival knowledge and practical experience that you have! I’m so happy to have found the absolute best to learn from!” Haley October 2016

“The primitive survival course was a crazy experience.. The volume of skills and knowledge that was shared was huge for a 3 day course.. Loved it!! Kevin, Zac, Ian, Nev and Daniel are the countries best Survival Instructors by far.”  Mitch Atkinson, Sept 2016

“Brilliant, funny course instructors who put as much into it as they can. Kevin and Ian were awesome, We had a great time learning some basic skills to cover and Kevin and Ian were happy to go over any question we threw at them.
I’d highly recommend the one day course for people who want to get a taste of the experience. I’ll definitely be back for an extended course.”  Andrew Sedlak

“I would sincerely like to thank Kevin and Zac for an extremely thorough introduction into survival. With the knowledge gained from today’s course, I feel comfortable in knowing that I now have the skills required to ensure that I have the best chance at making it out alive in a survival situation should one arise. Kevin and Zac are very passionate about the outdoors and it really shows through in the real world as they teach.” Thanks again.  James C. August 2015

” This course was a great experience and I learnt a lot during it. Both Kevin and Zac are extremely knowledgable instructors who take their job seriously but who teach it with fun. I will definitely recommend this course to everyone. Well done ASI! Excellent!” Alex. August 2015.

“What a great course, location, schedule, balance of theoretical with practical! The quality of teaching was fantastic! The content was great! I can’t believe how much I have learnt”
Tess. August 2015
1 Day Survival Course Student Feedback. August 2015

“Keep up the great work ASI. The course was very informative and the Instructors have a vast knowledge base. ASI Instructors are always open and receptive to questions and provided clear and precise explanations every time. On this 4 day course I learned practically that I knew very little about real navigation before attending. I gained a far better understanding of fire lighting and game preparation and tasted meats that I had never eaten before. The 3-D “hunt” was fun!”
Trevor S, June 2015

“Everything was excellent on this course. I really enjoyed all of the hands on practical experiences. It was all very daunting when we started but I got loads back from doing it for real as the Instructors explained beforehand that I would. The Instructors were excellent-great knowledge and they explained things very clearly every time. All of the Instructors have their own personal passions and that comes through in all of the different sessions. I particularly enjoyed the navigation as it is something that I always wanted to improve upon. Thanks, Kevin and Zac!”
Guy C, June, 2015

“The 4 day course was extremely informative and relaxing. It was very practical. I really like the “keep it simple” mentality. All visual displays and subjects were very professionally presented. I really enjoyed all of the “hands-on” sessions and I thought that the evening when you guys got us to meet you at the grid reference which you gave us and then informed us that we were staying out with what we had brought with us was very well done. I learned the most life-saving information from that experience. I really enjoyed everything! Fire lighting and water procurement were the most important subjects to me. Thanks!
Michael I, June 2015

ASI are extremely knowledgable and pragmatic in all of their subjects. This course is very hands on and practical and the ASI Instructors would always be on hand to explain and show for real anything that was difficult to understand or re-enact. I had an awesome, awesome 4 days on the 4 Day June course. The shelter which we built for ourselves with the materials which the Instructors taught us would be good for insulation, wet weather etc worked an absolute treat and kept us warm and dry with our fire. I saw flora and fauna which I have never seen before and the Instructors clearly explained each when I asked and then I was able to use them for housing and cooking. ASI Instructors were always willing to answer any questions and sit around and have a laugh at night too. Overall a fantastic experience. I learnt a whole lot and will come back to learn even more.
Nicole S, June 2015       

The ASI Instructors covered the formal and informal discussions in a very professional manner which included involving each member of the group and which then helped keep group-morale really high. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere which promoted questions and practical experience as a learning method. It was also really good to see how things should be done beforehand as you then experienced the process first hand. I really, really enjoyed the introduction into primitive skills and weapons and enjoyed the “bow hunting” (3D-targets) experience. 10 out of 10.
Louis C, June 2015
“4 Day – Prosper” Course Student Feedback. June 2015

“If you are looking for a complete survival experience – end-to-end – then this is for you. The ASI instructors are extremely knowledgable and open minded to what you want to learn. I feel that after four days I have experienced such a breadth of survival aspects that I have been armed with the skills to stay calm and help others to help me! Thanks guys it was an amazing experience which I will never forget. smile emoticon “. Nicholas S. April 2015

“The highlights of the course were definitely navigation and water procurement. These are true survival skills that everyone should be taught. I feel that I can now enjoy the outdoor/remote world with a new level of confidence based upon facts and practical experience thanks to Kev, Ian and Zac”. Nicolas. April 2015

“ASI are very professional, well organised and easy to understand. They are very patient and made the course fun and it always felt varied and not rushed. What I enjoyed the most was having to roll up my sleeves and just do it! No excuses and no one to do it for me! I was most impressed with how dedicated and willing the instructors were to pass on their knowledge”. Anthony K. April 2015

“Being thrown in the deep end straight up made the experience realistic and beneficial to push on. I enjoyed being taught how to identify the priority process to overcome problems. The Instructors are very prepared, professional, knowledgable and outline each step by step application in all practical sessions.” Col. C. April 2015

4 Day Survival Course Student Feedback. April 2015

“Kevin, Ian and Zac gave us a very warm welcome and were very friendly and open to answering any and all questions. The course was very informative and educated. The equipment and visual examples were very elaborate as were the practical exercises. The navigation exercises were very well taught”. A.S March 2015

“Kevin, Ian and Zac are highly skilled survival instructors and are able to share their skills, knowledge and experiences in a clear and practical way. Iv’e learnt many new skills today and the course was most enjoyable and informative”. J. P March 2015.

“Stay Alive” Course Student Feedback. March 2015

“Hi Guys, just wanted to thank you again for the best, most vital learning experience of my life! See you again, soon as I can get there. Best regards and appreciation”. P.

“We had a great, informative time with you guys. Got a bug for navigation now! Will be back again soon for some more with you all. Thanks!” D.

“ASI are genuine people with a genuine desire to help and educate. Best course out there!!! ” D.

“I learnt so much and had a lot of survival myths busted!” Thanks! L.

“The Instructors were really nice guys which made the course even more enjoyable” G.

“Very patient Instructors with fantastic practical sessions and great visual and equipment aids” S.

“I really enjoyed being challenged mentally as well as physically and then being enabled to think through future scenarios. The Instructors were always clear and very patient. Thanks for that!” K.

48 hour Course Student Feedback. March 2015

“I found the Stay Alive course fun, practical and full of life saving skills and information. The hands on applications enabled the information to be well understood. This course was very well presented and contained excellent content as well as a lot of helpful and new information. I look forward to doing some more of the other courses”

J.G. February 2015

 “I am an outdoor enthusiast and wanted to learn the fundamentals of survival. I have to say that this course was more than i expected and I recommend it to anyone that likes to enjoy the outdoors. Kevin and Zac are outdoor enthusiast that respect and understand the power of nature. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable they also have a very methodical approach in educating the students on survival techniques. They combine theory and their own practical experience in educating everyone. I was surprised how much theory is out there that is not true and if followed can be disastrous for survival. They cover ancient and modern techniques. The course is practical with a good balance of hands on and theory practice. I feel that after the course I have enough knowledge to build on. I highly recommend this course to anyone that spends extended amounts of time in the great outdoors. I am already looking at the 2 night survival course. Thank you ASI for a great experience”
Soheil. February 2015

“It was great to spend four days out in the real Aussie bush, learning new skills with very knowledgable and friendly Instructors. There was heaps of background information and theory which really appeals to my own learning style. It was very technical at times but in a really good way, all based upon fact. I really loved the relaxed informal discussions along with the formal instruction. The ASI Instructors are very friendly people. “

Jacky R. January 2015

“Getting out of “normal” life in a way that is really challenging and yet is still fun and extremely useful was fantastic. Trying out exciting new knowledge and skills and learning even more new things in situ meant taking away a much deeper understanding of the real practicalities of being in a real survival situation. A really BIG THANKS to the guys at ASI.”

Lizz F. January 2015

 “This course was GREAT! Lots of new information and refreshers that will ensure that I am as confident and safe in my outdoor activities as possible. ASI are friendly, fun, very knowledgeable and approachable. Thanks so much ASI!”

Anna R. January 2015

“An absolutely fantastic experience far better than what we were expecting! The ASI guides are very knowledgeable and professional with a strong emphasis on safety as well as being attentive and patient. A lot of content was covered and the hands on experiences gave us confidence that we can now really use what we learned. We’d absolutely recommend this course to family and friends. Well done and thanks!”

Andrew J & Meghan G. Dec 2014

“This course is absolutely imperative for children to do at some stage. This course showed everyone about how to survive in the Australian bush and beyond. I would recommend this course to any family. It was a great day out. All content was to the point and everything was very informative about how to survive for real”

Sean M. Dec 2014.

“As an experienced mountaineer and cold climate explorer, I found the course to be well structured and provided essential skills for any survival situation. The information provided was relevant, informative and well executed”.

Andreas Breitfuss, Everest Summiter & South Pole Explorer. Dec 2014

“I have done a lot of courses in my life, I don’t enjoy courses run by people who know the theory but not the real life situations and that’s why I enjoyed this course so much! It was practical, life skill based instruction run by Instructors who have obviously been there and can walk the walk not only talk the talk.”

Greg E. Dec 2014.

“The course was really productive and was set in a friendly, safe and informative environment. ASI were awesome and were really helpful, supportive and kind.”

Amy O. Nov 2014.

“Very knowledgable and friendly guides who were patient with their teaching. I would highly recommend this course to others”

David B. Nov 2014.

“I loved the hands on approach along with the theory and especially the mix of humour, enjoyment and seriousness on the course. That made it all the more enjoyable”

Natasha Y. Nov 2014

 “The 48 hours course was a brillaint eye-opener to what I didn’t know and therefore how to prepare myself in the future properly for any kind of activity in the wild. Good job guys! Crack on!!!”

Adrian R, 2 Day Course, November 2014

“I loved being thrown in at the deep end, having to build my own shelter, make my own fire and source my own water on night one. I really enjoyed the real-life hunting simulation and even got myself a (foam) Deer using a primitive Bow and Arrow!  “

Nick H,  2 Day Course, November 2014

 “The 4 day course content was great and subject knowledge was great. Very experienced Instructors”

“The Instructors had a very good depth of knowledge and the course was run in a realistic training area”

“Excellent hands on experiences in a relaxed and safe environment”

“The course covered everything and has broadened my horizons in terms of survival”

“The course Instructors knowledge was extremely good. The practical lessons and theory lessons were extremely good”

“I really enjoyed the primitive skills, arrow fletching, bow stave selection and flint knapping”

“The hands on experiences and group workshop style was great. I enjoyed the hunting techniques using primitive materials”

“I enjoyed the trapping demonstrations and water collection”

Shane, Dan, Brett, Russ, Nathan, Tom – 2 Commando Special Forces –
4 Day Course, October, 2014

“Brilliant hands on experiences used to install knowledge in each student through practical application. I loved the game preparation and meat/fish preservation methods practised throughout the course.”

John M,  4 Day Course, October 2014

” I was looking for a real genuine hands on course where the skills which you are taught are put into practise immediately. I found it. Everything was clearly explained and it was clear that the Instructors knew their content extremely wel”

John D, 4 Day Course, October 2014

“The location was superb. The Instructors deliver the course with an authentic and humorous style and have a wealth of knowledge and support that meets you wherever you’re at.”

Leon C,  4 Day Course, October 2014

“I really enjoyed learning proper game preparation and fire making in adverse circumstances. These were incredibly valuable experiences. Every little personal tip from the Instructors was like striking gold!”

Evan W, 4 Day Course, October 2014


“I have read numerous books on survival skills. This course allowed hands on with very experienced tutors to take theory to reality”

Peter R,  4 Day Course, October 2014

“Great delivery and amazing content. Fun Instructors make the day fun and relaxed yet very informative. Thanks for the great experience”. David B.

” I loved all of the hands on experiences.I really enjoyed navigation” Hayley M

” I loved learning about controlling fire and how to start fire and edible weeds, plants and Mushrooms and what can/can’t eat” Timothy M

“I really enjoyed navigation using the sun stick/shadow method, firelighting and making shelters” Daniel Q

“I really enjoyed trying the variety of fire starting techniques taught” Dominik Q

July “Stay Alive” course 2014

 “I really enjoyed the course with its informal laid back structure. The Instructors are all extremely knowledgable and are always happy to answer questions and I appreciated the fact that the Instructors were happy to focus on any group interests and deviate from formal structure. This made the course an even greater experience. I learnt a lot about edible plants and edible wild mushrooms. That was really cool! I learnt way more than I expected and walked away more confident for the future.”

Daniel, June 2014

“I had never used a compass before and I really appreciate being taught navigation.It was really beneficial being able to sleep in different shelters and it felt very realistic having to sleep in the shelter that I made because…. it was real! Learning about edible mushrooms was great! Processing our own meat was the highlight of the course for me! I had never done this before.”

Tobin,  June 2014

“The four day course was really different and far more interesting compared to the usual activities done on these sorts of courses. The Instructors were very informative and friendly and were always happy to answer any questions you had. ASI teach you genuine and very useful skills to help you in survival situations. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone.”

Jack, June 2014

“The ASI Instructors are very friendly and funny and teach “real” knowledge separating truth from what you see on T.V. The course was very hands on which I enjoyed very much and I also enjoyed seeing all of the survival equipment examples”

Tim,  June 2014

 “The Instructors made this course very enjoyable even when the content depth was challenging. Thank you for your patience. You guys are really good, keep it up!”

Gabrielle K,  May 2014

“A really informative course. Great Survival examples. I highly recommend this course. The Instructors were good fun and listened to what was asked.”

Craig D, May 2014

“Great Instructors! Fantastic lesson structure and very easy to understand practical steps with plenty of visual material. Great stuff all round!”

David C,  May 2014

“Truthfully, the entire course as a whole was equally amazing. This course has truly given me an arsenal of knowledge, as well as opening my eyes and giving me a different perspective on the outdoors, and an even greater perspective on what it means to ‘live’.

This is the best thing I could’ve done with my time and money. This course is worth every cent and more. Knowledge is power, and power is life”

Lachlan Mathew K.,  Easter 2104

“I enjoyed the informal, relaxed environment, the enthusiasm of the instructors, on equipment and course content. A very hands on approach to subjects taught. A very informative Remote First Aid section”

Joe V.  U.K,  Easter 2014

“A great setting, great instructors, great learning environment. I enjoyed learning about survival equipment, long bows, skinning game & most of all building shelter & sleeping with a good fire, created by using a fire drill & fire bow.”

Clare P.  U.K,  Easter 2014

“A relaxed teaching method, delivering all survival information with specific detail to all components of the course. Completing the 1 day survival course first, enhanced my experience, providing the opportunity to use equipment purchased and re-inforcing newly learnt skills such as navigation”

Geoff J.,  Easter 2014

“A great opportunity to experience the outdoors, like I have not before. Great skills taught, and great cameraderie, I realy enjoted hearing of the instructors wisdom & experience in survival.”

Ian A.,  Easter 2014.

What a great day with very nice Instructors! I learnt so much that I will encourage others to do this course. I will be back for more. Keep doing what you are doing because it is very, very good!

Tim J, April 2014.

“ASI Instructors have an outstanding knowledge base in all areas. VERY professional!”

“Andrew McG, April 2014.

I really enjoyed all of the practical learning which covered so many life saving situations.”

Roger F, April 2014.

 “So much practical and valuable real life information. I really enjoyed learning how to use a compass”

“I want to do the four day course”

“Finally, I now have a clear understanding of what to do in a real-life survival situation. …. as well as how to prepare!”

“Some excellent navigation skills taught which I will use quite soon. Thank you ASI”

March 1 day course students, 2014.

Thanks guys for sharing your massive amount of valuable knowledge. I am so very happy with the information and demonstrations which you have shown me. See you on the two day course.

David S, February 2014.

 Amazing! 10 out of 10. Keep it up, it was awesome! So much valuable information provided!

Milo, February 2014.

 Awesome Course! A great experience. I would definitely recommend this course. It was great fun and I learnt a lot!

Chris, February 2014.

A VERY informative Course. Excellent!

Nancy, December 2013.

 What a great course! EVERYONE should do it!

Dean J, December 2013.

Fantastic practical experience delivered by professional and extremely knowledgeable experts. I had an absolute awesome time.

Jules T, October 2013.

Fantastic course with great instructors. I’d totally recommend this course to everyone. I learnt a hell of a lot…..and had a great time to boot.

Tim F, October 2013.

 I learnt a lot about staying alive in the bush, very useful, thanks heaps guys!

Chris Martin, UK 2013

A fantastic course which was a real eye-opener to what you can do to prepare correctly and to what will help you get rescued.

Anthony, August 2013

 It was excellent seeing all of the equipment that you should carry on your person. Highly recommended.

Warren, August 2013.

Awesome day. Very well structured. I am now keener than ever to explore the outdoors and use my new knowledge gained from the course.

Elliot, August 2013

 Great Instructors, very friendly and helpful. I had a lot of fun and would highly reccommend this course to all my mates.

Nabil Sfeir, June 2013

These guys are ‘The Best’! Amazing, super, fantastic great bunch of incredibly helpful and patient instructors….Thank You!

Moni and George, June 2013

ASI are skillfull, experienced and higly ethical teachers of survival skills. After doing the 4 day course, I now feel confident and competant to survive in the wild. I also know that I can now look after my crew if someone was injured.

Dan Gaffney, March 2013

FANTASTIC long weekend, can you do week long courses? This is the best Easter I’ve ever had. Great instruction, great food, great stories and first-hand knowledge. I enjoyed myself tremendously.

Sasha J.    March 2013

I would highly recommend this course not only for its extremely practical content, for physical and mental survival skills, but also for the professionalism of the instructors, and the well presented course material.

Jarrad,  March 2013

An excellent course, highly recommended to amyone who enjoys the outdoors, both day walkers and serious outdoors persons. My confidence and awareness certainly has been expanded. The instructors and presenters are highly professsional, passionate and caring. Great guys who give patient and detailed instuction.

Suzy T.  March 2013.

 LOVED IT! This course was very much to my liking and personal interests.

Kevin W,  March 2103

‘ll be back for the 4 day course, Jim, Kev and Brian are very knowledgable instructors, with real life experience.

Nox T.

There is knowledge that can be obtained from a book, but the reason that the course & the instructors were valuable to me, is that they have decades of experience trying out various survival techniques, and they know what works in the real world. All 3 instructors approached my questions from slightly different perspectives too. We came away from the course with specific knowledge we needed to prepare for our outdoor pursuits, that could save our lives. We had a great time, and also had a few laughs in a very beautiful setting.

J.K Cockrum, USA Feb 2013

ASI were enthusiastic with their sharing of knowledge and love of the great outdoors. They are easy to talk to, and I loved the way they shared their experiences.

Kathy M.

The course objectives and content really sustained my interest. I didn’t expect so much to be covered in one day, we had so much fun, we were half an hour late getting back. I can recommend this course very much.

Timothy H

I really enjoyed the instructors willingness to deviate from their lesson plans, and to answer my questions even if asked for the 3rd or 4th time, I felt that all my questions were answered, and kept having to think of more to ask. The ASI Instructors have a lot of knowledge to impart and are very willing to share this, and answer lots of questions.

Bradley Barr, USA


“Excellent course!!! Instructors are brilliant. Very passionate and knowledgeable. I learned a great deal about how to survive alone in the bush. Will recommend it to other people.”

Michael S.

“Great course, it will surely save someone’s life!”

Terry F.    March 2013